Canon XA30 Review – Is it the Best Buy for Your Profession?

Professional HD CamcorderJapanese brand Canon launched both Canon XA30 and Canon XA35 professional camcorders together during the NAB tech show. Both of these camcorders have some of the advanced capabilities of video recording which is great news for professional event photographers and documentary producers. When it comes to their price tags, both of these are designed for professionals but enthusiasts can also try their hands on these camcorders without any difficulty.

Both come with lightweight and professional designs and HD CMOS (Pro) Sensor by Canon to improve your footage quality surprisingly in low light. But the catch is that they both lack in 4K recording. In this day and age, 4K is an important consideration in professional video cameras and it also became the standard. In this price range, most other cameras come with 4K resolution. In this post, we are going to review Canon XA 30 and some of its key features. If you are not so serious about 4K, please read on. Canon XA30

20x Zoom Lens

This amazing zoom lens has whopping 35mm of zoom range and 23.6” of minimum object distance. Your images will come up a lot more natural and life-like thanks to the 8-blade improved design, especially when you combine it with a new image sensor. It features easy to operate zoom ring to use different adjustable directions and sensitivity modes. For example, you can change zoom speed from regular to slow, normal or fast to shoot video. This lens is very flexible to provide almost any adjustment you want.

Pro CMOS Sensor

Canon’s Pro CMOS Sensor has been improved now to give an effective low light performance and to provide better quality images. Sometimes, professionals find it hard to adjust the camera to reflect the images just like the way they look to your eyes. Rather than changing image quality, you may easily shift your focus to your shooting. It has got a +3dB upgrade over the older XA models to the signal-to-noise ratio. So, the pixels are very clear, even in shooting in low light.

Slow down or Speed up Videos

To slow down or speed up, you no longer have to wait for editing stage as you can get t during playback thanks to the upgraded software of XA30. You can either slow the footage down (in action movements) or speed up (for time-lapse videos) in several modes. In addition, interval recording lets you create time-lapse anywhere, i.e. from 2x to 1200 times the original speed of the video.

1080p Recording

The most important feature of this camcorder is its true HD recording. Despite lacking 4K resolution, XA30 is still powerful as it combines the endless flexibility of recording videos. From recording codecs (MP4, AVCHD) or modes to shooting with several SD cards and frame/bit rates, one can adjust virtually anything. You can shoot a film or documentary at 24p, which is its default frame rate.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

If you have to transfer files quickly to get back to shoot and you have small office, XA30 comes with a lot of connectivity options. It has integrated dual-band Wi-Fi that can connect using both 5GHz and 2.4GHz frequencies. So, you can easily transfer your raw videos to any private or cloud server with FTP.

In addition, you can also connect it to your iPhone, Smart TV, computer, or any hotspot. You can do it while shooting if you are connected through Wi-Fi. You can use a mobile device to control it with functions like zooming, start/end recording, shutter speed, frame rate, and white balance.

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Highlight Priority

It is another amazing upgrade in simple mode in your gamma settings. It is designed to give the feeling of HDR to your footage quality. With this feature, you won’t miss out any detail from the mid to high brightness level thanks to compression. It is intended for pro shooters when it comes to showcase product to highest brightness setting to feel the effect and by using high resolution TV.

Wide Dynamic Range

EX30 is a high-end professional camera which comes with this amazing feature. Usually, it records areas with high brightness, boosts dynamic range by several hundred percent and compresses them. And it can do it all automatically. It smooths the bright areas out, picks them and corrects colors so it can stand out along with other costly 4K cameras. This is where you need to decide whether you want excellent resolution or excellent image quality.

OLED Touch Panel

The new 3.5” OLED Display is the key feature of XA30 camcorder which will definitely stand out of the rest. It has got great viewing angle. You will have great experience even by looking on it from opposite angle. Along with it, you can tilt the color viewfinder up to 45o to enhance the position range to get more complex shots. At the opposite of viewfinder, it also has joystick-like add-on if you don’t want to use touch panel. It is very easy to adjust for a demanding professional.

Video Assistant

With “Highlight Priority” feature, you will find “View Assist” feature on the OLED panel or you can also work with gamma and brightness settings with viewfinder. You can see the footage with the same settings of brightness just like the way you are recording. Hence, you can control your final product more and make it more natural.

Dual SD Slots

If you don’t want to run out of memory midway and you just hate switching memory cards all the time, you should go with XA30. It supports dual SDXC, SD, and SDHC cards.

Superior Stabilization

You can always get stable footage and you can also test with its latest optical image stabilization. This new feature will help you reduce blur where you don’t have any other way to depend on stabilization. It chooses the right type of stabilization automatically for the footage with its smart image stabilization mode.


All in all, the XA30 from Canon is a compact, professional video camera designed to be used on various occasions. Whether you are a student filmmaker or a pro news reporter, it is the best choice for you. If you are switching from older models of Canon or upgrading to a latest camera, you should go with Canon XA30 as it is designed to produce natural shots with great customization features.