Best VPNs Available for Your PC Gaming Needs | VPN for PC Gaming

Also known as VPN, a Virtual Private Network is an innovative way to encrypt global communication so your private data is not shared with your ISP and others. Here, the idea is to send data through a tunnel using an encrypted protocol to keep all the agencies and ISPs from intercepting traffic to keep its privacy. However, there are questions about how precisely they secure the data if VPN is actually less nefarious as compared to your USP and who is able to access it, and under what conditions.

Some users believe that VPNs slow down the bandwidth and they are not the best choice for gaming. However, VPNs are used by some users to keep their IP address from being exposed as well as their financial info via credit card that is stored in the account of their gaming provider or to deal with geographical location limits, such as accessing a US-based game when going out of the country. We have tested a lot of VPN services and have come out with some of the best paid and free services that may suit your needs.

VyprVPN – Best VPN OverallVPNs


  • Costly platform
  • Class-leading speeds
  • Price is moderate


  • Limited to only three clients at standard price
  • No free tier

VyprVPN comes with added support for costly platforms, including those which are the common suspects of Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, and Linux routers via DD-WRT, AsusWRT, OpenWRT, Blackberry 10, Android TV, Synology NAS, the Anonabox, Boxee, and the privacy-based Blackphone. It is the expansive list which is distinguished just away from competition. The Switzerland-based company states that it has favorable laws on privacy and it considers IP addresses as private data.

On the pricing front, VyprVPN costs $9.95 per month, or annual subscription costs $60 for unlimited data in up to 3 clients and it puts into the middle of offerings when it comes to cost. It also has a Premium tier which may collect up to 5 clients for $12.95 per month which also covers Chameleon protocol and cloud VPN server which is designed well to defeat the blocking technology. It lacks free tier but it offers 1GB free trial over 3 days to check its service.

Their platform is based on over 700 servers, on around 70 locations in 6 continents, and is offering up to 20K IP addresses. It also uses VyprDNS which is claimed to be encrypted for web requests so they don’t undergo ISP. There is no log of the activity of the user as they don’t have any resource for DNS requests.

Windscribe – Best Free Gaming VPNVPNs


  • Comes with router support
  • Most generous tier for free data
  • Paid tier with unlimited client support


  • Slower speed
  • No free tier support for Android
  • Requires email address to get more generous allotment of data

There are two remarkable distinctions of Windscribe VPN up front. First of all, it is the most expensive service if considered on annual basis, and it was the only service that has been looked at it. But it has unlimited client support. So, it is worth a look if you have up to 5 devices to connect. It supports both Mac and Windows, and iOS. But it ditches Android on free tier support. For both Tomato firmware and DD-WRT, it also features router support.

The unlimited free tier costs $9 per month and $49 per year, and covers unlimited bandwidth for unlimited devices. Though it has servers in just 11 locations for free tier, the paid one is spread over 50 nations. They also never keep any permanent logs, though it is not much similar to ‘no log’ policy. It has Kill switch. They also provide Windflix feature to access Netflix US if you are traveling overseas.

With 9.26 Mbps of download speed and 10.53 Mbps on uploads, speed was a bit lackluster. So, it is less preferred for gaming anonymously on PC.

TunnelBear – Best User-Friendly VPNVPNs


  • Reasonable cost of annual subscription
  • Lower ping rate
  • Very easy to use and setup
  • Limited data collection for sure


  • Not comes with router support
  • Lowest data available on free tier
  • Medium speed

TunnelBear surely wins the heart of gamers as the cutest VPN ever with its bear themed program which promises to browse with a bear anonymously. It is very simple to use and setup.

It covers 500MB of free tier per month (least data available in any service) as well as unlimited browsing that costs $9.99 per month and $49.99 per year, making it priced moderately for this category. It supports all the leading platforms like Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS, and it has Opera and Chrome extensions.  However, the service is not configured manually to work on a router. It also collects minimal data needed to operate.

It has network spread in 20 nations and it also commits to provide “No Log” policy. Along with it, the Ghostbear technology makes your activity less detectable and it can even get past of VPN blocking. According to the company, it has Kill switch and no-timestamp logging.

On slower side, its download speed is 24.73 Mbps and upload speed is 14.85 Mbps. It also has 24 milliseconds of ping time. Overall, it is a decent choice.

PrivateTunnel – Best Budget VPN for Annual Subscription


  • Affordable annual cost
  • OpenWrt router firmware support
  • Quick upload speed


  • Supports just three devices
  • Pink time is too high
  • Free trial is for limited period

Private Tunnel VPN is a decent offering for VPN. Despite having no free tier, they offer time-limited trial of 200MB. Though they lack in browser extension, their program supports all the leading platforms like Mac, Windows, iOS and Android. Along with it, they have VPN support for router, via OpenWRT, an open source firmware for router.

On the Speedtest, download speed was decent at 29.04 Mbps and strong upload speed of 23.08 Mbps. It also features 162 milliseconds of highest ping time. But it is based in the US and has just 12 servers in 9 countries. You cannot access both BBC iPlayer and Netflix with this service.

It doesn’t have any unlimited monthly plan. But you can buy 20GB data for $9.99 or 100GB data for $19.99 without any expiration date. It also has annual plan of $29.99 which supports around 10 devices and PrivateTunnel VPN is among the most affordable options for annual plan.

VPN Unlimited – Best Budget VPN for Monthly Subscription


  • Affordable monthly price
  • Low ping time
  • Huge platform and router support


  • No free tier
  • Speed is not so good

VPN Unlimited comes with attractive feature at very affordable price, even though it doesn’t come with free tier along with 7-day trial. It provides excellent range of servers to connect with.

It comes with excellent price ranges. It has a monthly plan which costs just $6.99 and annual plan supports up to 5 clients for $39.99. It also comes with the support for all the common platforms like Mac, Windows, Android and iOS, and various other devices like Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast and others. For both Open WRT and DD-WRT, it also has router support and limited Tomato firmware support, to make VPN Unlimited a best choice for huge platform support.

But the speeds are a mixed bug. The upload speed is 14.85 Mbps and download speed is 29 Mbps, with 21 milliseconds of ping time. So, it is the best bet for PC gaming. 

Other VPNs to Look for

SurfEasy VPN

It is also very easy to use and set up. It comes with free 600 MB monthly tier and it has browser extension and smartphone app. It also has unlimited bandwidth in SurfEasy Premium tier for $11.99 per month, discounted by around half per month to $6.49 per month or $77.88 annually, for five devices.

Hideman VPN

It is another entry in the VPN segment. It comes with free trial of 7 hours, i.e. 1 hour daily and unlimited plan that costs $9 monthly or $69 per year for 4 clients. It has Chrome browser extension and supports Mac and Windows, iOS and Android. However, it doesn’t come with router support. Limited number of locations is it’s another limitation. According to the company, it keeps data for just 14 days and it is removed after that.