LG Reveals 65-inch OLED TV that Rolls Up Like a Poster

OLED TVCES has been always ahead to uncover unusual and latest tech updates and it is a bit obvious that the show-stopper of this year is all set to be different. After its giant 88” 8K OLED screen, LG Display has also introduced a new 65-inch OLED display which can be curled up and hidden when you don’t want to use.LG OLED TV

Like with the 88” 8K OLED TV from the company, LG has not said much in terms of specs in terms of foldable display. Though this giant display is quite impressive, it provides a lot more when it comes to practical applications. The display rolls out and up when it comes to using it and it can roll back on the box when not making it movable than other larger screens. It adds the look which is more minimalistic to your room when you don’t have to use it.

It is far ahead of the first rollable OLED display we have heard from LG Display. This idea has been teased for years and finally, we have seen a prototype at CES show last year. It was much like a tech demo as compared to what it seems to be. They are just showing up the concept which can be rolled up rather than how to use it. LG has already used the smaller-scale flexible variants like LG G Flex 2. It is a new concept to see it in a TV-like package.

LG is showing up 8K OLED 88-inch display but a 65-inch model is just a concept. There is no plan for LG to launch a commercial model. Well, you have no need to wait long if you have started waiting to see it in a real market.