Conscious about Aadhaar Security? Here’s How to Lock & Unlock Biometrics

AadhaarAadhaar card has instantly become a compulsory document which serves as an address proof or identity card. Recently, the government has made it compulsory for taxpayers to link Aadhaar with PAN for filing income tax returns. No matter you are applying for a passport, opening a new bank account, or getting a new SIM, Aadhar card is now mandatory.

Aadhaar is gaining a lot of value. It stores your biometric data, i.e. your iris (retina), facial data, and fingerprint, along with basic information. With so much data at risk, it is common for anyone to be worried about the information being stolen or misused. A lot of cases of cyber cases have come in recent times. Google Play Store has a lot of malware apps that affect Windows OS based desktops and laptops.

There are certain websites attacked by DDoS instances. Recently, Broadband and MTNL services were disrupted adversely after a malware attack. When hackers are on their toes, they can access your private data within less time. According to recent events, Aadhaar numbers and private data of over 135 million Indians are at stake. However, it is clarified by MeitY that the Aadhaar system is foolproof and its data cannot be leaked.

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The best thing of Aadhaar is that there is no need to carry your physical document every single time. Just giving 12-digit number is risky. Anyone can add this number to their system to conduct authentication process.  To ensure avoiding misuse of private details, the biometric lock and unlock system has been provided by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) so you can enable and disable it on your convenience. Till the time data is locked, the system cannot authenticate Aadhaar profile. You can lock or unlock Aadhaar biometric in two ways.

Using mAadhaar App to Lock and Unlock Aadhaar Biometric Lock

Recently, the UIDAI released it mAadhaar app for Android users so you can add your profile and control its privacy as well. All you need to download the app and set a profile password. Enter your Aadhaar number after OTP.

On the home screen, it will show up your Aadhaar profile with name, a 12-digit number, and photo. On the top right corner, tap on three dots to access biometric settings, QR code, view profile, an option to share e-KYC. Tap Biometric Lock, enter Profile Password and lock your biometrics. Once done, a small lock icon will have appeared next to your profile on the home page. It means it has locked your Aadhaar authentication.

To unlock your biometrics, tap lock icon after giving your password. It will be unlocked for 10 minutes. It will show not only your profile but also the details like date of birth. You can also use a randomly generated code for authentication.

Using UIDAI website to lock and Unlock Aadhar

Along with mAadhaar App, you can also use UIDAI website to lock and unlock Aadhaar biometrics. Click this link to visit the website.

Enter your Aadhaar data and captcha code, followed by the box “Send OTP”. It will send you an OTP on your registered number and enter the same on next screen, after the OTP and the captcha, and click on “login”. Once it activates the biometric lock, you may click on disable or unlock as per your convenience.


Keep in mind that Aadhaar biometric is unlocked for a short period, i.e. for only 10 minutes. Your mobile number should also be linked to Aadhaar to work. If you haven’t linked your mobile number, you will need to visit Aadhar enrollment center.