Are You Switching from Graphics Design to UX Design? Here’s What to Know!

ux designImage Via DesignLab
Totally different from the magazines and posters, today’s design in the digital world is a lot more complex. Designers should have a proper understanding of various aspects of the process and to follow them to create something which actually works.

About UX Design

If you are already a graphic designer who wants to change their field to User Experience (UI) designing, you should know exactly what it is. There are different answers to know what it actually is. But it is generally a collective term which covers all the aspects of design in the digital world and even beyond, such as information architecture, research, interaction design and wire-framing, usability testing, and visual design.

UX is all about designing the whole experience of the user with a product, brand or service. Hence, UX designers should be ready to ask questions, such as what, who, when, why, where, and how, when it comes to design an experience from the beginning to the end. Sounds interesting? Consider these tips before switching to UX design from graphic design.

You Don’t Know Anything

What? Yes, the best UX designing comes from those who don’t know anything. Sounds crazy? It’s true!

Every design is different and every user and problem is also different. Keep your mind and eyes open when starting a new project. Be sure to know what questions to ask before knowing all the answers. Just having answers to client’s questions is not enough. Be ready with your questions. You should tell why and how client’s answers make sense.

This is where research starts. Run into a project considering what details you require and make a plan for it. With that strategy in mind, you can provide some amazing solutions and motivate others with that approach. Learn as many research techniques as you can to deal with different design challenges with better knowhow.

  1. Consider the Result

When there are some great options of creative interaction, such as cool animations, clever signup forms, and unique UI design, a UX designer is more focused on whether a user can achieve a goal. Hence, you should make a signup form that is as effective as a piece of art.

To design something which works, be sure to know your user and what they want to do. Sometimes a signup form doesn’t have to be unique to be more efficient.  People are more comfortable with the ways how popular tools work on sites like Google and Facebook. Resemble how such things work and set your customers up to ensure success. At the same time, you should also put your personalized visual appeal to it.

  1. Planning

When you were a graphic designer, playing with pixels is likely the most important part of the game. But when starting with the visual design too early, the problem is when you focus more on how things look instead of how they work. Keep in mind that your customers don’t use your app, service or your website for a cute design. They actually want the content.

So, wireframes are the best to plan out there. Just like storyboards are used to plan movies instead just shooting right away, wireframes or a clickable wireframe is used by the designers to tell the whole story. Don’t fall into putting a lot of effort in wireframes. For example, you may start with Keynote, Axure, Omnigraffle etc. to create wireframes and don’t worry about visual perfection.

  1. Design to Inform Others

Great design is not all about colors, pixels, or typography. It’s content which works in your designs. People use apps and websites not only for cool designs, but also for content, be it weather forecasts, search results, or music.

To design a user-friendly app or website, be sure users can find and understand the content. Keep menus well-organized and use languages that people know.  Some words have many meanings. Take some time to decide the best solutions for menus and navigation. When it comes to design a navigation or menu, do some sorting with friends to know how audiences categorize details.

Know Your Strengths

As UX has a lot of ground, many people prefer to specialize in certain areas of visual design, research or information architecture. If you are great in it, you are all set to become a design unicorn. Be a way to start with your strengths and pick the bits of surrounding when and where you can.


Nowadays, employers have huge expectations of designers, be sure to keep growing and learning. Being a graphic designer is a great step towards being a successful UX designer. UX design is the field full of rooms to grow and expand your creativity. Graphics designers are responsible to speak the language of pixels. Another great way is to join the community of UX experts on the web. You will find a lot of things to learn from them.