10 Tech Trends to Follow in Future for Wedding Ceremonies

Today, there is no lack of tech gadgets used in wedding ceremonies. Want to collect all wedding pictures for an album from Instagram? Simply create your own wedding hashtag. To keep all the phones of your guests charged up so they can take videos and pictures all night, turn any cocktail tables into a nice phone charging port.

In this way, there are lots of technology mainstays behind wedding planning. But in this post, we are going to share something about wearable tech (Apple Watch), modern 3D printers, and robots. These are some of the next big trends in wedding technology.

1. Wearing Tech to Keep Track on Every MoveWearable Tech

What if you could get the glimpse of your d-day and feel the same heartbeat when you walked down the aisle? With the 18k Gold $17000 Apple Watch to $150 plain FitBit bracelet, it’s simply the matter of choosing a color. Simply wear them the whole day and you can live the exact moment it clicked when you were getting married.

Even though it is not simple, simply imagine taking ups and downs to an artist who could have an absolute heartbeat timeline of the day, through your fitness tracker, in a painting which could get you live that moment. The projection wedding ring is an ultra variant of wearable tech for you d-day. Simply flip up the mini lens in the ring, shine a light behind and see your wedding photos projected over the solid surface.

2. Drones for Unbelievably Cool Videos and PicturesTech Trends

These days, some videographers and photographers are using this technology to capture some unbelievable shots. Whether you are at your alma mater, getting married in a venue in the tropics, or in your hometown or at an estate in the hills, location counts on your wedding. You may want to showcase everything in the land through an aerial view. Drones are absolutely dexterous and many couples use drones to make their ceremony a worth watch.

3. Capture Some Hidden Moments in a GoPro Bridal Bouquet

Wedding Ceremonies

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There is nothing more special and memorable on a wedding day when you walk down the aisle and it goes by quickly. From the vantage point, simply capture it on the camera and ask your florist to save some place for a camera in your bridal bouquet. GoPro or any mini camera can record your entry. You will be able to see everything, from the gestures of your guests and their expressions to the parental handoff and your vows in close-up.

You may hide a camera somewhere at the reception (something like disco ball over the dance floor or flower installation) to record the most hilarious, candid moments of the guests. A videographer may set it up to get all the footage in one final wedding video edit that you will embrace for years.

4. 3D Printing on Wedding Cake

3D printing is also leading the culinary world. Ask your cake baker to design a plain wedding cake and add 3D printed shapes to the sides and top for an elegant look. Or create amazing 3D printed cake topper. The 3D printed candy bar is another great idea. Some companies create beautiful and intricately shaped candy at the reception.

You could also hire a 3D printing company to create ‘mini-me’ at the reception. Within few seconds, 3D printing tools can capture the measurements of your guests and print out the mini figurines of them.

5. Robots to Live-Stream Wedding

Some couples have robots to live-stream the whole day on live camera so guests can take part of the day. It might seem a bit silly. Instead of appointing a person to live-stream the camera all night, you would need a lively robot with iPad. Robots have appeared at weddings for a few tasks.

6. Crowd-Sourcing Reception Dance Floor

You may want to wait for the wedding to see all the funny posts on Instagram and cool photos of the day. You can also project them live on the dance floor. Most production companies offer the services and it makes for an interactive reception.

You may also turn it into a game. Simply ask your guests to hashtag or tweet their favorite songs to the DJ or tell if they take a picture and use your hashtag, they may order your signature cocktail.

7. Keep the Party Going with Charging Stations and Selfie Sticks

You may use some tried-and-tested tech trends here. If you want a lot of hashtagging on the day, charging stations are a must. It is very simple to pull off. Simply have a few of cords for Android and iPhone in the cutest way and pop them up at your reception on your cocktail table.  Buy a few of the selfie sticks and hand them out to the guest in each table. Your guests can easily document the wedding.

8. Periscope the Wedding

Live streaming is nothing new but the style it is done definitely is. To live stream, the whole wedding day just from their tablet or phone simply designates a “Periscope of Honor”. Your followers and friends who were unable to make it to the event can see almost everything from their devices. To make your friends tune in to your wedding, allow your Periscope to split the streams – one for the toasts, one for a ceremony, one for a first dance, and one for the cake cutting.

Recently, Ikea launched the whole new virtual wedding system. It’s a kind of Google Hangouts where guests can simply log in and watch their family member or friend getting married from their own devices at home. For your guests, set a background image to the setting or reception on a beach to tune in to them from any part of the world.

9. Light Projections on the Cake

Disney made it mainstream by launching their range of wedding cake with projections of digital mapping. Now other designs and lighting companies are catching up and designing very elaborate projections for your cakes. You can map almost anything on the cake, from beautiful flowers to old pictures or even some song lyrics. Some talented lighting designers may light project the whole reception and ceremony, from the walls to hallways, ceiling, and wedding cake.

10. Using Driverless Cars for Wedding Exits

Now, this is another futuristic idea. Driverless cars are currently in test mode. But driverless cars will be the next big thing in wedding technology. You might simply call up Uber to escort you to and fro.