Ten Wonderful Perks Facebook Present To Its Employees

Social Media WebsitesEverybody wishes that spaced out from a fine salary, there should be much more extra that an employee should get. Facebook is one of some companies where many amazing perks are offered to their clients. Below are some of the perks that employees of Facebook get at their workplace:

  1. Dry cleaning services

Facebook provides dry cleaning services to their clients at the Menlo Park headquarters. This service is very supportive for those staff members who stay up in the office for working at night. This Dry cleaning service is free for all clients working for at Facebook HQ.

  1. Paid vacations along with unlimited sick days

The majority of American companies offered within two weeks of the paid holidays every year, but at Facebook provide twenty-one days of paid vacation and along with that also provide infinite sick days to their employees.

  1. Valet parking

Facebook offers a splendid treatment to its employees at its workplace. You will be surprised to know that all employees at Menlo Park headquarters are provided with the valet parking service along with free charging services for all electric car holders.

  1. Health and dental care

All the Facebook employees do not need to go out from the company premises regarding the health treatment. Facebook provide doctors as well as dental treatment for all its employees in the workplace only. Above that Facebook provide health insurance which takes care of employees medical bills.

  1. Barber’s facility

Menlo Park headquarters of Facebook also comprises on-site barber, as the company does not want their employees to go out of the premises. They are offered with the barber shop inside the office area so that they can quickly get a haircut.

  1. Food for employees

Facebook offers more than just coffee and tea bags to its employees. At Facebook, employees get free meals all through the day and its pantry comprises everything an individual love to eat burgers to vegan options.

  1. Benefits for new parents

The main problem faced by the new parents is that, to take out time for their newborn from their daily working schedule. Facebook makes this easy for its employees as it offers 4000 dollars to them for baby expenses. In addition to it a 3000 dollars a year for babysitting expenses too.

  1. Bike repair facility

The majority of  Facebook employees take their bicycle to the workplace. The company offers its employees a hale and hearty lifestyle and provides a bike repair shop at its Headquarters.

  1. Video games

Surprisingly Facebook allows its employees to play games at work and present arcade full of video games at its Menlo Park office.

  1. Wellness allowance for its employees

Facebook has a course of action that takes cares of gym membership fees for all its employees. The company provides an exclusive benefit for its employees who present many healthy activities. The majority of health and wellness activities are carried out at Facebook campus all through the year.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is very popular to accentuate a workplace where staff feels as much comfortable as they are at home. You can observe that perks offered by Facebook go beyond such as free pencil as well as pens.