Top 9 Career Opportunities in IT Sector

With technological advances and innovations all around the IT sector, there is a growing concern behind this trend leading job market to see huge disturbance. A large number of tasks which were once done by the humans are now managed by robots. Because of such developments, the future of IT professionals is very uncertain in India. Will it cause the actual reduction in openings?

Despite the popular belief, the scenario is not as miserable as what it was initially grabbing the eye. Even though automation may transform the job market, it is not important that it will lead to a huge displacement of workers. Actually, innovations will help you create more new jobs. Being a leader in offering both onshore and offshore solutions to the market, India is in a favorable position to leverage growing technologies to its benefits. The whole range of opportunities may be offered for IT professionals in the country. Here are some of the job opportunities offered in technology sector –

1. IT ArchitectsCareer OpportunitiesImage Via
They can design IT systems for companies and IT architects can mastermind the IT infrastructure. Some of the major skills are design, programming, people management, and analytics.

2. Data ScientistsCareer OpportunitiesImage Via
Virtually every company will need data miners in the future who can provide a large amount of data which will offer the details required for improvement and growth. Hence, big data is growing exponentially and engineers and data scientists may witness huge demand in future. Some of the skills required are programming, data-based problem solving, mathematics, statistics, communication, and visualization.

3. Security EngineersCareer in IT SectorImage Via
Technology is more likely to be affected by information thefts and hacks. Security engineers are responsible to protect data and technical systems in a company. Some of the skills required are intrusion prevention system (IPS)/intrusion detection system (IDS), firewall, vulnerability and penetration testing, prevention protocols/intrusion detection, ethical threat and hacking modeling, secure coding practices, and a lot of database platforms.

4. Front-end Engineers – Users interact with front part of the website. SO, it is important to have front-end engineers who can ensure seamless and smooth user experience. For this field, skills required are CSS, HTML, JS structure, copywriting, prototyping, and SEO.

5. Mobile App Developers – Every business should have a mobile presence to expand their reach to the consumers these days. For doing this, they need developers to have a mobile app.  Mobile app developers can find a lot of job opportunities over the next decade. Some of the skills required are UI design, analytics, problem-solving, agile methodologies, cross-platform development, and programming.

6. QA Engineers – Software systems can cause more harm than good unless they are tested properly. So, every IT company needs QA engineers to do just that. Some of the important skills are technology, engineering, written and verbal communication, logic and reasoning.

7. Network Engineers – They are engaged to build, secure and maintain the diverse operations of network companies. Some of the skills required are cyber security, application flows, DNS, SD-WAN, network automation, and the Internet of Things.

8. Solution Architects – They are responsible to develop solutions to the problems by managing risks, considering needs, and delivering results as per the complex needs of the business. Some of the skills required are management know-how, analytical skills, development, and programming experience.

9. Full-stack programmers – Along with having individual testers, business analysts, and developers, companies, these days, look for full-stack programmers who know all the ins and outs of the whole process. Some of the skills required are web application architecture, HTML/CSS, data structures, algorithms, and back-end languages like JavaScript and SQL.

Though these are some of the high profile jobs that would see a huge requirement of talents in future, you should constantly develop new skills to stay future-ready. So, you should be willing and agile to move forward.