Over 95% Engineers in India Found Unfit for IT Jobs in Automata Test

JobsAccording to a survey, over 95% of software engineers in India found unfit to achieve programming job positions. So, there is a huge shortage of talent in data science and IT ecosystem in India. Only 4.77% of candidates were able to write the correct logic in a programme, which was a minimum requirement to be selected for any software development job, as per a study conducted by Aspiring Minds, an employability test company.

A Machine Learning test, Automata, conducted on over 36000 engineering students from IT branches in around 500 colleges in India, to assess software development skills, and up to 60% of them couldn’t even write a compilable code.

The test further revealed that though up to 60% candidates couldn’t even write code which compiles; there were only 1.4% who can write efficient and functionally accurate code.  

Varun Aggarwal, Aspiring Minds Co-Founder, and CTO added, “Lack of programming skills are adversely affecting the data science and IT ecosystem in the country. The world is focusing more and more on introducing programming to students. It’s time for India to catch this up.”

The placement gap can be playing a vital role to rote learning methods instead writing programs on a system for various issues. In addition, there is still lack of qualified faculties for teaching programming, as most of the qualified programmers get high paying jobs in industry with high salaries, according to the study.

In addition, in India, programming skills are 5x poorer in students at tier III colleges than students in tier I colleges. According to the reports, Over 69% of candidates in top 100 colleges can write a compilable code while only 31% of students can write a compilable code in other colleges in India.