Will Samsung Galaxy X Concept Impact the Sales of Flagship Galaxy S9?

Samsung GalaxyWhat should a smartphone manufacturer do when it comes to increasing its base sales of premium smartphones to keep the finance department satisfied, while another advanced concept is in the queue? What Apple did everyone knows. It launched both iPhone 8 series and iPhone X at the same time, with a hope that iPhone X sales would help balance the drop in iPhone 8 sales. The results may not be clear but it’s a smart move by a brand like Apple.

It seems Samsung has the same plan with the expected entry of Galaxy X. How can Samsung ensure popularity increased sales of Galaxy S9 while avoiding the same trap?

Galaxy X is supposed to be the first ‘foldable’ smartphone by a South Korean giant. Despite several patents, many manufacturers have been working on this technology for several years. When Samsung leads the market with its ‘revolutionary devices’ in terms of mobile displays like Note 8, a commercial demo of the talents in display team would be appreciated.

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When Apple pushed iPhone X as its flagship handset, it seems Samsung has decided to play a cannier game with X and gets inspired from Galaxy Note Edge, a phablet launched with Note 4, but with new design change with its curved edge on the right side. The Note Edge was launched and enjoyed critical acclaim but it was available only in a limited edition from September 2014 in South Korea.Samsung Galaxy

Before expanding to Galaxy S6 Edge in March 2015 along with vanilla Galaxy S6, Samsung expanded the technology in one market.

Samsung has years of expertise in managing a huge portfolio of devices. So, it won’t damage the retail department of any device by launching another in the same space. To launch Galaxy X, CES 2019 could be the best bet for Samsung. It’s a great space in its schedule because it ties in with the current certificate of a mystery device and stops other manufacturers to grab the eyes of tech media across the world.

By considering that Galaxy X is limiting its availability to South Korea as a brand new device, Samsung may have plans to protect Galaxy S9 from being faded by the Galaxy X’s folding screen. Well, it’s not an ideal situation as there are many fans waiting for non-folding S9 and may be wondering about the new technology. But here, Samsung has an edge over Apple.

iPhone has always been perceived as one-size fits all device in the portfolio of Apple. On the other side, Samsung has a lot of models in its range and different models have different features. For example, S-Pen is available only in Note phablets. Galaxy X which is scheduled to be launched at CES in early January is an experimental X device and it is limited to only South Korea. To make further improvements in folding screen, Samsung would collect customer feedback while offering Galaxy S9 to dominate the market in late February at Mobile World Congress and in its debut in the retail market in March.