Why Android Oreo is the Sweetest New Deal? What’s New It Will Bring?

Android OREOJust from Cupcake to KitKat to Lollipop and now Oreo, it seems Google has planned to keep up with the legacy to name each of its Android versions after a delicious and yummy dessert. Google announced its eighth Android iteration and to name it Oreo.

Till date, Oreo has been acknowledged worldwide as a cookie since it introduced the way back in 1912. It was obvious for Google to choose a name which could be remembered globally. In 2013, Android 4.4.4 was named as KitKat as Google contracted with Nestle for it. Here’s what the whole new Oreo will bring for us –


We are going to see a huge adoption of PIP (Picture-in-Picture) screen. It means you may simply press the home button while on a video chat with a friend or watching a video, which will minimize it to a small window and you can keep browsing the web, launch another app or do anything else.

Notification Dots

Just like app badges on iOS, Notification dots will let users see notifications without taking the notification shade down. Whenever a dot appears on an app, simply press and hold it and reveal notification as a popup. After reading notification, dots will go away.

Text Selection turns Smarter

Android Oreo uses machine learning and suggests actions of words which are highlighted to improve text selection. It also highlights words which are together. For example, if a user highlights a telephone number or mobile number, it will show up a pop-up badge which suggests calling the number.

Changes in UI

Android Oreo brings subtle changes in interface modifications in order to make it minimalistic. Notification panel has got an overhaul and features Settings and editing shortcut under the toggles. Notification panel will come in white theme. Settings app has also been revamped to provide everything basic and more advanced features in “Advanced” tab in each setting.

Background Limits

Android Oreo is serious and aggressive against the apps which take too much data and run in the background. It will control each background activity to improve performance. It will also control unintentional battery overuse which will give improved usage time.

Android Instant Apps

Android Instant Apps is released this week to bring the power of native Android apps without having to install them on your device. You can quickly access the app without having to install them. Currently, these are less in numbers but developers will roll out to support existing apps.

Google Play Protect

Android Oreo will bring the built-in Google Play Protect which provides automatic control on suspicious apps and prevent them from being installed and to perform real-time scanning of around 50 billion apps.

Google Autofill

Google is also working on system-wide Google Autofill with Android Oreo. If you’d saved some information on Chrome, you can fill the data anywhere in the device with Android 8.0. It will potentially remove the stress of entering text all the time you access the service.