Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 – Will It Outperform the Premium Segment?

SmartphonesWhen Mi Mix launched last year, Xiaomi dubbed it as a concept phone due to its cool new bezel-less display. This concept has gone common in 2017 when Essential, Samsung, LG, and finally Apple launched devices with all-screen devices. Last year, Xiaomi’s devices were even bold when it comes to industrial design. It has got ceramic back.Xiaomi Mi Mix 2

A few weeks ago, a day before iPhone X hit the market, Xiaomi introduced Mi Mix 2. This gorgeous design and power-packed device got the features found on latest Android devices.

The Good

When it comes to looks, Mi Mix 2 is a diva. It is gorgeous in terms of an all-screen display as well as the ceramic back. At 5.99” of a display as well as full HD+ resolution in 18:9 Aspect Ratio, it delivers the quintessential and much-needed immersion needed in a modern device.

It has got superior viewing angles and brightness levels which are sharp enough on a screen. Along with looks, it is utterly powerful as it has got all the bells and whistles of a flagship Android device. It has got the latest processor from Qualcomm, with 128GB of ROM and 6GB RAM with dual SIM supporting 43 bands across the world.

It has almost fixed the major weakness in Mi Mix, i.e. camera. It has got a 12MP camera and optical stabilized lens. Despite not being a dual camera, its performance is best. It is a very reliable camera to work in any situation. Thanks to 4-axis stabilization, video quality is quite smooth and has good audio capture.

The audio output is excellent. Despite mono speaker, the device packs strong amplifier and DAC for clear and loud audio. You can play the high-resolution apps and games like Asphalt 8 even when multiple apps are open and it would work without any lag. The ceramic back also resists scratches.

Thanks to its 3450 mAh battery, it can last up to one day on one charge with medium to heavy usage. USB Type C port can also refill the battery quite quickly with fast charge.

The Bad

Mi Mix 2 is powerful and gorgeous, no doubt. But it’s not that perfect. Its front-facing camera is placed on the bottom half of the device which is a major trade-off.

Xiaomi aggressively made some more changes to miniaturize the design of Mix series. It removed 3.5mm jack, just like iPhone. According to Xiaomi, 3.5mm jack takes up large space.

In addition, it added little bit of camera bump on the back and it also lacks dual camera for portrait mode. The battery size has also been reduced from 4400mAh to just 3450mAh.

Another drawback is that it has got ceramic back which is more vulnerable to damage than glass. In case the phone falls with huge impact, it will crack and cause serious damage to the device.

Our Verdict

Mix 2 is a sure confluence of untamed power and beauty in a smartphone. It may lack the raw power of OnePlus 5 or the class of Nokia 8, but it has got Amazonian warrior-like strength and Assassin-like stunning looks. Though it is not the best premium phone till date, it is still one of the best by Xiaomi.