Common iOS 11 Issues and How to Fix

iOS 11Apple recently rolled out iOS 11.0.1 update which is expected to fix a lot of bugs. If it doesn’t work, keep reading.

iOS 11 comes with a lot of great features and improvements. But there are still some problems with iOS 11 that are inevitable. If you want to start iOS 11 update, first back up your iPhone. During major updates, things may go wrong. Recent backup data can save you from disasters if anything worst happens. Here are the major problems you may face after update and how to fix them –

Can’t Connect to Wi-Fi

One user reported a bug that their iPhone won’t connect to their personal Wi-Fi. Some common steps you can do is to reset the Wi-Fi router, reset your device or forget the Wi-Fi on your device and enter your credentials again.  You can simply go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings to reset the network settings. It won’t remove anything on your device.

Some Apps Not Working Properly or Gone Forever

If you have been checking out some old apps, they may not be compatible to iOS 11, especially if they are old enough.

Your Phone is Filling Up Storage Suddenly

According to a user, iOS 11 update started to fill up system storage slowly until the device was full. The error was not due to apps, but the storage that is filled up by the system itself. This issue was reported also in iOS 11 Beta. At present, there is no clear solution to this issue. If you have this issue, you may need to get back to your backup.

Reduced Battery Life after Update

Every new update comes with a lot of complaints that the battery life of older devices has been impacted badly. If your battery life is dying and it’s not just because you are spending a lot of time with new features, there are different things you need to look out for.

Older apps may not be compatible with iOS 11. Simply go to Settings > Battery and find out which apps are consuming more battery. If you found an app that you barely use eating up its battery life, you might disable them until you get more updates.

It takes a bit more time for iOS 11 to get familiar with your device. It could take a couple of days so you might need to wait for it. You may simply turn off Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth when not in use. Also, lower the screen brightness and disable background apps refreshing by going to Settings > General > Background App Refresh.

Device Overheating

If your device is heating too much, there may be different reasons. Maybe it’s the fault of iOS 11 or your device is working hard. Simply turn off the phone and keep it out of any heat source like the top of your PC and sunlight and expose the surface area to the air as much as possible. Or you may restore the last backup of your device if things didn’t work. Reduced battery life is annoying, but overheating can severely damage it.