Apple Introduces iOS 11: Best Features and What to Know?

iOS 11Finally, Apple launched the most awaited, beta version of iOS after its official release. So, we have been using iOS and compiled this how-to on how to get started.

How to Download iOS 11?

It’s pretty simple to download iOS 11. You will receive a notification showing an update is available. You will need to connect your phone to a power outlet and turn on Wi-Fi so your device won’t discharge while downloading the large file.

Gone are the days when it took ages to download the latest iOS version as many people are downloading the latest software. But you still need to prepare yourself to spend an hour or so to download the file and keep your device connected to the power supply.

iOS 11 – Key Features

At its inaugural event took place at WWDC in June, Apple didn’t reveal each feature in iOS 11. But we started digging within a short time. Here are the hidden features in iOS 11 that Apple didn’t tell you –

iPad will Be Redefined – iOS 11 is all set to completely redefine your iPad with a new dock, multi-tasking, drag-and-drop and even more.

QR Codes FTW – Apple added QR Codes FTW reader to iOS 11 because those annoying codes will still be there.

Slight changes in Messages – iOS 11 has added a new iMessage app drawer and a few effects.

No More Notification Center – Lock Screen will live longer. It will be the central hub where you will get all your notifications and alerts. Along with looking different, it has got few new changes. So, forget Notification Center.

Type to SIRI – You cannot talk to SIRI all day long. So, you can now text with SIRI.

More Changes are Coming – Initially, it seems Apple didn’t make a lot of changes in look and feel of iOS 11. But it actually did. It has made seven major changes coming to your device.

No Need to Remember your Wi-Fi Password – So, the next time your friend asks your Wi-Fi password, if you don’t remember a password, don’t worry! You can approve it directly without handing over the password.

Control Your Location Privacy – Now you have total control on how often third-party apps can access your location in iOS 11, no matter what options are added by the developer to the app. If you launch an app for the first time, it will prompt you to access your location. However, you will also have an option to change permissions.

No need to remember app passwords also – Apple expanded its password manager, iCloud Keychain. Simply use it to access both websites and apps.

SOS – iOS 11 will come with Emergency SOS to call for help after pressing wake button for 5 times. Along with calling for help, it disables Touch ID.

Other Features

On a mobile device storage space is always a goldmine, especially when you have a phone with 16GB storage. Apple has made iOS smart enough to avoid unused apps and helps users to free up storage space with one tap.

It also comes with a safety feature “Do Not Disturb While Driving” to tell all incoming calls that you are driving. So, it will stop all the alerts to focus only on the road.