• How Product Managers Can Give Software Engineers A Trouble-Free Work Experience

    A product manager is the captain of the ship. He or she handles overall management — from design and development to marketing and business development. However, it is the software engineering team (or engineer) who work more closely with product managers. Continue reading

    Below are some tips to help you keep your engineering team happy and most productive.

    Back Your Decisions With Data

    Let your engineers know that they are in capable hands. Make sure to understand the industry, the product, the target audience, and the market.  It is important for your engineer to know that decisions you make are based on facts and data that you have analyzed and studied profoundly. Engineers have to be confident that their product manager is leading them in the right direction and that you know what you are doing.

    Prioritize Problem Solving

    As a product manager, it is not your job to solve the problems. Rather, present problems and facilitate problem solving solutions through your engineers. Listen to the solutions that they present and allow them provide you a clear-cut solution.

    Communicate What Needs To Be Done

    Effective communication is key to succeed in any endeavor. Make sure that your engineers are informed every step of the way. Include them in the planning stages and let them know of any changes in the plan. Ensure that they understand why a specific feature is needed, and which ones hold top priority.  By providing comprehensive instructions to your engineers, they can deliver their best work timely and accurately.

    As a product manager, you should be able to anticipate what information your engineers need from you at various time intervals.  Be available for questions and clarifications as much as you can to prevent errors and delays.

    Give A Good ‘No

    Your engineers rely on you as product manager to know when a feature is not working as expected, or if it just does not fit. Know when to say no to your engineers without offending them. Make sure they understand why a specific feature was shot down and how they can replace or remedy the situation. After having attended an effective product management training course, it is now your responsibility to know what the users are looking for and what a specific project requires, and engineers are usually appreciative when their managers can tell them no.

    Negotiate With Other Departments

    It is the product manager’s job to negotiate with other teams — from management, marketing and design to clients. Determine which meetings your engineers absolutely have to attend to avoid wasting time off their actual work. Consider the effect that mundane meetings will have on the productivity of your developers. Keep in mind that software development is tedious work and some engineers do not appreciate having their momentum disrupted. Protect your engineers from roadblocks and empower them by providing everything they need in order to get the job done right and promptly.

    Most importantly, it is important for engineers to be able to trust their product managers and that you are all working towards the same goals. Be both a leader and a team player, and make sure your team knows that you have their backs. So, make your software engineers smile today, and let them think that work is easy and hassle-free.

    Michelle Gonzalez has been writing for SMEs across the United States, Canada, Australia and the UK for the last five years. She is a highly-experienced blogger and SEO copywriter, writing business blogs for various industries such as marketing, law, health and wellness, beauty, and education, particularly on product management training such as those offered by ProductSchool.com.

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  • Top 10 Power Bank in India 2016

    Power Bank for smartphones has now turned into an unquestionable requirement have Gadget for all cell phone clients. To keep our cell telephone on , even on the go we as a whole need a power source. Also, for that there are bunches of Mobile power banks in the business sector. In any case, its extremely hard to picked the best Power bank. So here is the Continue reading

    rundown of the Best Power Banks in India in 2016, with the right blend of execution and elements. It will help you in picking the right compact power bank for your telephone:

    1. MI Power Bank (16,000 mAh)Power Bank

    Xiaomi began a pattern to offer a decent item at extremely moderate costs with its cell phones and they have conveyed that theory in their different items too. The 16,000 mAh power bank arrives in a metal case and when completely charged has enough squeeze to revive an ordinary telephone no less than 5 times.

    2. MI Power Bank (10,400 mAh)Power Bank

    This Rs. 999 power bank is great at what it does. The 10,400 mAh limit power bank has a 4-cell battery which is secured by nine layers of circuit chip insurance. There’s an inherent chip which screens voltage yield and close down if voltage surpasses the most extreme breaking point.

    3. Ambrane P-1000 Star (10,400 mAh)Power Bank

    Ambrane is another great brand which one ought to consider when purchasing a power bank and the P-1000 Star will empower your telephone to last any longer. It accompanies 10,400 mAh battery limit. Ambrane utilizes Samsung SDI Lithium particle batteries in this power bank. It additionally bolsters quick charging and will have the capacity to charge your gadgets rapidly.

    4. One Plus Power Bank (10000 mAh)Power Bank

    It has 5V/2A info and it can completely charged in 5.5 H. It has double USB port with 5V/2A yield. The battery level is appeared by LED lights. Shake your energy bank to know the amount of charge is left in it. It has one of a kind configuration and its look extremely rich with Sandstone Black and Silk White shading. One of the best thing about this power bank is it is light weight only 220g. You can purchase it from Amazon just, its cost is Rs 1799.

    5. Asus Zen Power  (10500 mAH)Power Bank

    Asus Zen Power is elite power bank that can without much of a stretch charge your telephone 3 times. It has a Li-on battery with limit of 10500 mAH. Also, the fundamental component of this power bank is insurance from over charge and over release. Its weight is less just 215 gm and its size is very little. It’s size is much the same as a charge card, so you can undoubtedly convey it, in your pocket. It is secured with aluminum to keep it from harm.

    6. Intex Power Bank (IT-PB10k) – 10000 mAh

    This power bank has Lithium-particle battery with a limit of 10000 mAH which is sufficient to charge any cellular telephone atleast 3 times. It is good with all the cell phones and can likewise charge Sony digital shot camera. With its little size it has one additional element likewise i.e an inbuilt light. It is accessible at a cost of Rs 999 as it were.

    7. Lenovo Power Bank (10400 mAH)

    This is a high limit power keep money with a limit of 10400 mAH, which can charge any Android telephone. A full charge of this power can be utilized to accuse 4 Android versatile of hitter limit of 2000-2500 mAH. The best a portion of this power bank is, it has 2 USB port. So all the while you can charge two gadget at once. This power bank depends on Lithium particle battery and it weighs 240 g and its cost is Rs 1200 as it were.

    8. RAVPower third Gen Deluxe (15000mAh)

    This outside Battery charger has a fabulous limit – conservative and sensible light in weight. It weights pretty much 300 gram. This power bank has double charging capacities, a LED light to help you discover your route when there is dull and enough energy to energize your cell phones a few times. As far as size, it’s minimal however it’s not something that will serenely fit in anybody’s pocket.

    9. Hako Pb200 (20,000 mAh)

    Hako is surely understood for making post-retail battery packs for different portable workstations brands and their energy banks are similarly dependable. The Pb200 is one of the greatest power banks accessible in the business sector. Including a 20,000 mAh battery limit, the Pb200 can charge three gadgets at once.

    10. Anker Astro

    Anker Astro is a ultra conservative convenient charger and is ideal for the individuals who voyages regularly. It’s rough and effective, with enough ability to completely charge your cell phones, and in part charge more eager for power gadgets, for example, tablets. It has PowerIQ innovation that consequently recognizes your gadget and charges them rapidly. The outline itself is extremely strong and exquisite.

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  • Lenovo: Connecting Data Centers and the Cloud

    Lenovo is a brand that’s known for items like its Moto devices, ThinkPad, and laptops, but lately they have been focusing more on connecting its devices to data centers and implementing cloud leadership. Madhu Matta, vice president of server, storage and solutions at the Lenovo Data Center Group insists that the company has portfolio solutions that will Continue reading

    encourage customers to maximize any decisions they might make in their business, increasing the uptime of their data center in the process. This will also allow them to totally simplify the management for their IT. Lenovo, he says, also boasts a number of world records when it comes to overall performance, which allows their customers to completely accelerate the speed at which they get things done. But far from being a one trick pony, Lenovo has pioneered several aspects of the technological game aside from just ramping up the overall speed that you and your small business can get things done. They’ve also taken things to the next level in the cloud storage arena, which we’re going to get into now.


    In order to enter into the cloud storage arena, Lenovo has unveiled REACHit, which at base is a consumer cloud storage service that will let its users access their files and apps that are in the cloud from a single login ID. As an extra incentive to get more people interested in this service, Lenovo has offered 5GB of free storage and started by offering the service to a select number of users as a way of gauging the response to it. The interface for this service is relatively intuitive and is fairly consistent across all devices that a user might have. It was also designed to implement touch interaction, as well as some standard keyboard and mouse interaction too.

    Lenovo has some wide-reaching support when it comes to its hardware, using ThinkServer products, Lenovo-EMC enterprise storage, the private cloud service ThinkCloud AIO, as well as System X. Aside from simply being able to provide storage for its customers, Lenovo’s offering also provides distribution, push, and even video services to small businesses. ThinkCloud is actually able to provide mixed and private cloud solutions to data centers. Lenovo has planned to take this one step further by cooperating with partners like Intel, Microsoft, Aliyun, and Citrix. Basically, Lenovo participates in the whole process of operating and maintaining cloud platforms.

    In short, Lenovo’s main plan is to own its hardware business as well as what connects people, networks, data, apps, and services. As Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing said, “More devices means more demand for infrastructure.” It remains to be seen if this focus on more devices and greater connectivity will pan out the way that Lenovo hopes it will, but it’s easy to see that the global community is only getting more connected, and Lenovo is attempting to take after close partner Google to capitalize on this connectivity to reach its users in a brand new way. Either way, Lenovo remains a brand that’s well known for its innovative pieces of information technology, and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

    Katrina is a product specialist, specializing in all your server rack needs!

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  • 10 Highest Paying Programming Languages of 2016

    Computer programming has rapidly ended up a standout amongst the most lucrative commercial enterprises. The universe of programming dialect is brimming with activity with new dialects being composed, structures being made. So Continue reading

    as software engineers it’s imperative to keep one’s eyes and ears open to the rising patterns with the goal that one doesn’t

    miss out on the potential open doors. As the always extending universe of innovation keeps on developing in its achieve, so too do the different occupations, aptitudes, and programming dialects.

    Since the website rise of the 1990s and mid 2000s, we’ve seen an extraordinary expansion of different programming dialects, and that development hints at no moderating. As the tech business keeps on advancing and advance, it’s critical to know how to pick a programming dialect to realize, what the most ideal approach to discover that dialect is, and how your decision may influence your occupation future. Glassdoor as of late distributed a report on the main 25 lucrative, popular employments. More than half of the employments recorded are in tech and require programming aptitudes.

    Here are the 10 most noteworthy paying programming languages for 2016 :

    1. Ruby on Rails

    At the highest point of the store is Ruby on Rails, the sweetheart of new companies additionally genuinely famous among the set up organizations. Ruby on Rails is an open-source web application structure for the Ruby programming dialect, that brings pace and readiness of building applications in Rails. A portion of the top online organizations that have been constructed utilizing Ruby on Rails are Scribd, Groupon, Basecamp to give some examples

    2. Python

    Python has been a standout amongst the most prominent dialects and has been picking up on ubiquity ceaselessly. It’s anything but difficult to learn, accessible all over, and grasped by the business. It keeps running on every single real stage, is extremely expressive and can serve as the general scripting dialect for building scripts and calculations, and additionally serving as paste code between applications.

    3. C++

    C++ is a standout amongst the most effective dialects with loads of control on utilizing PC assets. C++ is high on execution and henceforth it is frequently used to create diversion motors, amusements, and desktop applications.

    4. Java

    Java has turned into an almost omnipresent simultaneous dialect that can keep running on pretty much any stage comprehensible, which means engineers who have aced the dialect are dependably sought after.

    5. JavaScript

    As one of the three fundamental innovations for World Wide Web content creation, it ought to be nothing unexpected that JavaScript engineers are among the most popular available. Whether it’s running a site on any program without the requirement for modules, or creating desktop gadgets, there’s dependably work for a JavaScript designer.

    6. SQL 

    Short for Structured Query Language, SQL is a unique reason dialect whose fundamental capacity being developed is dealing with the information in databases and information streams.

    7. PHP

    Made by Danish-Canadian software engineer Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994, PHP (Hypertext Pre-Processor) is a scripting dialect, running on the server, which can be utilized to make website pages written in HTML. PHP has a tendency to be a prevalent dialects since its simple to use by new software engineers, additionally offers huge amounts of cutting edge highlights for more experienced developers.

    8. iOS/Swift

    In 2014, Apple chose to design their own particular programming dialect. The outcome was Swift – another programming dialect for iOS and OS X designers to make their next executioner application. Organizations including American Airlines, LinkedIn, and Duolingo have rushed to receive Swift.

    9. Perl

    Perl is by and large referred to best as a mainstream CGI scripting dialect and is additionally utilized for representation programming, framework organization, and even some money related applications.

    10. R

    Also called GNU S, the R programming dialect is particular for measurable figuring and illustrations advancement and it is broadly utilized by information diggers and analysts for information investigation.

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  • Top 10 Virtualization Technology Companies for the Year 2016

    Any discourse of virtualization regularly closes in clicking glasses and high fives, warmed dialogs or slaps battles, yet it quite often starts with VMware, as does this rundown. These main ten virtualization sellers convey the best virtualization programming arrangements available today. Continue reading

    With regards to virtualization innovation offerings, you won’t not require each piece and byte of writing computer programs they’re made out of, yet you’ll celebrate at the segments of their capabilities when you require them. These arrangements scale from a couple of virtual machines that host a modest bunch of Web destinations, virtual desktops or intranet benefits as far as possible up to a huge number of virtual machines serving a huge number of Internet clients. In the event that you don’t have a clue about every one of the names on this rundown, it’s the ideal opportunity for a presentation.

    Holders might be taking the features nowadays; however virtualization innovation still rules the server farm. Look at ten virtualization merchants that convey the best programming arrangements today.

    1. VMware

    Locate a noteworthy server farm anyplace on the planet that doesn’t utilize VMware, and afterward applaud yourself since you’ve discovered one of only a handful few. VMware rules the server virtualization market. Its control doesn’t stop with its business item, VMware vSphere. VMware additionally commands the desktop-level virtualization market and maybe even the free server virtualization market with its VMware Server item. VMware stays in the predominant spot because of its developments, key associations and rock-strong items.

    2. Microsoft

    Microsoft thought of the main non-Linux hypervisor, Hyper-V, to contend in a tight server virtualization showcase that VMware right now rules. Not effortlessly beaten in the server farm space, Microsoft offers alluring authorizing for its Hyper-V item and the working frameworks that live on it.

    For all Microsoft shops, Hyper-V is a practical arrangement that has just gotten more aggressive in the virtualization space with each new Windows Server discharge. Microsoft has additionally been relentlessly picking up footing with endeavours hoping to influence the organization’s Azure cloud administrations and additionally those intrigued by overseeing both on-premises Hyper-V benefits and Azure administrations.

    3. Citrix

    Citrix was at one time the solitary wolf of utilization virtualization, however now it likewise claims the world’s most-utilized cloud seller programming: Xen (the premise for its business XenServer). Amazon utilizes Xen for its Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) administrations. So do Rackspace, Carpathia, SoftLayer and 1and1 for their cloud offerings. On the corporate side, you’re following in some admirable people’s footsteps with Bechtel, SAP and TESCO.

    4. Red Hat

    For as long as 15 years, everybody has perceived Red Hat as an industry pioneer and open source champion. Hailed as the best open source organization, Red Hat entered the universe of virtualization in 2008 when it obtained Qumranet and with it, its own virtual arrangement: KVM and SPICE (Simple Protocol for Independent Computing Environment). Red Hat discharged the SPICE convention as open source in December 2009.

    The organization’s eminent Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (RHEV) desktop and server virtualization stage depends on the KVM hypervisor and Red Hat’s Enterprise Linux (RHEL) server working framework. RHEV depends on open gauges and works with Linux and Windows, and additionally undertaking applications like SAP, SAS and Oracle.

    5. Prophet

    In the event that Oracle‘s global control of the endeavour database server market doesn’t inspire you, its procurement of Sun Microsystems has made it an amazing virtualization player. Also, Oracle claims a working framework (Sun Solaris), various virtualization programming arrangements (Solaris Zones, LDoms and xVM) and server equipment (SPARC). What happens when you pit a relentless power (Oracle) against an undaunted article (the Data Center)? You get the Oracle-focused Data Center.

    6. Amazon

    Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) is the business standard virtualization stage. Ubuntu’s Cloud Server bolsters consistent combination with Amazon’s EC2 administrations. EngineYard‘s Ruby application administrations influence Amazon’s cloud also.

    7. Google

    When you consider Google, virtualization won’t not make the highest priority on the rundown of things that ring a bell, however it’s Google Apps, AppEngine and broad Business Services list exhibits how it has grasped cloud-situated administrations. The organization’s open source Google Ganeti bunch virtual server administration programming device is based on top of existing virtualization advances like Xen or KVM and basically serves as a wrapper around these hypervisors to help framework administrators set up groups.

    8. Parallels/Odin

    Parallels utilize its open source OpenVZ venture for its business facilitating item for Linux virtual private servers (VPS). High thickness and ease are the two watchwords you’ll hear while encountering a Parallels-based facilitating arrangement.

    These are the two primary reasons why the world’s biggest facilitating organizations pick Parallels. In any case, the advancement doesn’t stop at Linux-containerized virtual facilitating. Parallels have additionally added to a containerized Windows stage to expand the quantity of Windows hosts for a given measure of equipment.

    While Parallels stays best known for its desktop and application virtualization offerings, including Parallels Desktop and Server items for Mac, the organization’s Service Provider business has following been rebranded as of March 2015 to Odin, and its Parallels Cloud Server offering has been renamed Virtuozzo. Virtuozzo permits applications to keep running in lightweight, separate holders, and Odin has been working intimately with both Docker and Google on compartment models.

    9. Huawei

    Huawei is one of the more up to date players on the virtualization scene, having dispatched its venture business in 2011. While still generally obscure in the U.S., Huawei has built up a solid business sector base with telcos and in developing markets and nations like China, Brazil, Russia and India.

    The organization’s Fusion Sphere virtualization foundation programming features Huawei’s virtualization and cloud framework stack, and depends on Xen. Similarly as with a significant number of the main virtualization merchants, Huawei influences OpenStack over its FusionSphere and Fusion Cloud arrangements.

    10. Verde VDI

    Virtual Bridges is the organization that designed what’s currently known as virtual desktop base, or VDI. Virtual Bridges’ VERDE item has permitted organizations to convey Windows and Linux Desktops from any 32-bit or 64-bit Linux server foundation running bit 2.6 or above. (You can take in more about this Desktop-as-a-Managed Service by downloading the VERDE whitepaper.)

    In February 2015, NIMBOXX procured Virtual Bridges’ VERDE VDI business. NIMBOXX right now utilizes the VERDE VDI innovation as a turnkey offering for virtual desktop workloads furthermore as a component of its more extensive mission of conveying programming characterized server farm in-a-case answers for organizations of all sizes.

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  • 10 Best Video Editing Software of 2016

    Editing is a standout amongst the most vital strides in the video generation process. Whether you’re making a component film, a TV appear or a straightforward YouTube video, the altering station is the place you fabricate what your gathering of people will see, hear and encounter. While buyer level video altering programming will suffice for little undertakings, in Continue reading

    case you’re taking a shot at something that has a substantial gathering of people, a major spending plan, or numerous
    unpredictable components, you require the force and accuracy offered by expert motion picture producer programming.

    The best proficient video editorial manager applications let you sort out a wide assortment of media sorts, including video, sound, pictures, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, into containers and envelopes where you can without much of a stretch discover them when you have to place them on the course of events. They likewise offer unrivaled upgrade choices as visual impacts and instruments, for example, accuracy trimming, shading remedy, veiling and key confining, that go a long ways past what is conceivable in customer level applications.

    Gone are days while making a short film or narrative was an undertaking of specialized aptitude and one ought to be a significant expert to manage altering and related errands. Presently, nonetheless, after day break of all these progressive advances and their everyday applications, video altering too has turned into a simple to-perform assignment. Countless altering programming accessible in industry — both paid and free. Here is top 10 list for you to choose:

    1. PowerDirector 14 DeluxeVideo Editing Software

    PowerDirector 14 Deluxe is a perfect system for amateurs and easygoing clients who need the force of a full-included proofreader no sweat of a passage level project.  A rearranged yet adaptable video altering background is the establishment of CyberLink’s PowerDirector 14 Deluxe. It beat our assessment of the best video altering programming in light of the fact that it strikes the sensitive harmony between conveying capable video altering instruments and making an interface that takes into account both easygoing and propelled clients.

    2. MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2016Video Editing Software

    MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2016 is video altering programming that conveys proficient level apparatuses in a buyer grade application. What’s more, it does as such in a way that doesn’t scare the beginner client. This is vital in light of the fact that it opens up a radical new universe of potential outcomes to the innovative personality that may not yet have the most astounding ability set with regards to video altering

    3. Corel VideoStudio Pro

    Corel VideoStudio Pro has been a backbone in our audit of the best video altering programming for quite a long time. This is because of its wide choice of altering apparatuses and impacts and additionally its instinctive interface that speaks to the starting client and rehearsed proofreader alike. This application leaves the client needing little, which is the reason it earned the Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award.

    4. Pinnacle Studio 19

    Pinnacle Studio 19 earned a spot in our audit of the best video altering programming in light of the fact that it offers a great choice of altering, hierarchical and distributed apparatuses. Its productive work processes and firm coding make these devices moderately simple to utilize and learn. From importing your footage to building your task and offering it to a group of people, this video altering programming gives the devices and assets you have to make a convincing undertaking.

    5. AVS Video Editor

    AVS Video Editor furnishes video editors with many moves and impacts. Moreover, you can include the same number of video and sound tracks as you need. You can alter and settle sound tracks and video adjustment for precarious footage. While AVS’s video altering programming isn’t prepared for expert producers, it makes altering simple, and you get the added advantage of having the capacity to make HD motion pictures. The interface for this video altering programming is all around sorted out. The devices are plainly stamped so you can quickly locate the ones you require, which makes altering recordings snappy. The procedure is sufficiently simple that you can begin chipping away at a straightforward venture immediately.

    6. MoviePlus X6

    MoviePlus X6 is an extraordinary video altering preparing ground that shows great video altering propensities while offering enough apparatuses to fulfill more progressed users.MoviePlus X6 is a standout amongst the most adaptable video altering programs on our one next to the other correlation graph of the best video altering programming. It obliges the offering so as to easygoing client wizards to offer you some assistance with creating films rapidly. More propelled clients can exploit its about complete cluster of video altering devices and boundless altering tracks. On the off chance that you would prefer not to invest a ton of energy making a motion picture, you can utilize the QuickMovie apparatus. This video editorial manager wizard offers you some assistance with compiling every one of the components you need into a themed motion picture. It offers you some assistance with choosing a topic, import your records and add an individual touch to your film. The instruments are instinctive, and the video altering client aide is an extraordinary asset on the off chance that you need some extra offer assistance.

    7. Premiere Pro

    In the event that Adobe Premiere Pro is the business standard for expert video altering programming, then Adobe Premiere Elements 14 offers a hefty portion of the same devices as the master variant, but in an a great deal less refined structure. The workspace in Premiere Elements 14 proceeds with the additional substantial canvas theme presented in Elements 12 and improved in rendition 13. The review window takes up the vast majority of the workspace, with the timetable/storyboard promptly underneath. This centers your consideration on what will wind up on the screen.

    8. Wondershare Video Editor

    Wondershare Video Editor is an essential video altering application that is somewhat exquisite in its effortlessness. It doesn’t have every one of the instruments we search for in the best video altering programming, nor are its components as vigorous as different items we explored, yet it gives all the fundamental capacities you have to assemble a convincing video account. The fundamental interface has three windows: Timeline, Media and Preview. There’s no mystery included in how any of the elements work. When you first begin a venture, a vast Import Media symbol shows up in the media window. This video altering programming is perfect with the majority of the prominent video, sound and picture positions, so you can add basically any media to your venture.

    9. Nero Video 2016

    Nero Video 2016 gains a spot in our audit of the best video altering programming for a few reasons. Boss among them is that it gives you a chance to make proficient looking recordings. It offers a strong library of subjects and layouts, and it even has some cutting-edge highlights like video adjustment and ultra HD 4K support that permit you to exploit the most recent innovation.

    10. VideoPad Video Editor

    VideoPad Video Editor is an average section in our audit of the best video altering programming. It has a number of the fundamental and propelled apparatuses we search for. Nonetheless, the interface has the look and feel of an application coded in the 1990s. Keeping in mind it has every one of the apparatuses you have to manufacture a convincing video venture, it has a constrained library of video impacts, moves, and different articles that advance your video and improve the altering process.

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